DDG-994 USS CALLAGHAN Navy Guided Missile Destroyer Military Patch INTREPIDITY

"DDG 994"
Military Patch

USS Callaghan (DD/DDG-994) was the second ship of the Kidd class of destroyers operated by the US Navy. Derived from the Spruance class, these vessels were designed for air defense in hot weather. She was named for Rear Admiral Daniel J Callaghan, who was killed in action aboard his flagship, the heavy cruiser San Francisco, during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal on 13 November 1942. Originally to be named Daryush, the ship was ordered by the Shah of Iran, but was undelivered when the 1979 Iranian Revolution occurred. Subsequent to this, the U.S. Navy elected to commission her and her sister ships for service in the Persian Gulf and Mediterranean Sea, as they were equipped with heavy-duty air conditioning and were also well suited to filtering sand and the results from NBC warfare. She was commissioned in 1981, and home ported in San Diego, California at NAS North Island. Callaghan was decommissioned in April 1998. Callaghan was sold to Taiwan in 2004. She was originally to be named Ming Teh, but it was later decided to name her ROCS Su Ao (DDG-1802), after the Su-Ao naval base in eastern Taiwan, and become the second ship of the new ROCN  Kee Lung class of destroyers.

SIZE:  5"  X  4"